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Yapstone’s products are built with a dynamic range of payment capabilities. This foundation allows for easy configuration, while always delivering impeccable functionality behind the scenes.

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Pay // Features
Simplify payments for your customers by providing them with options.
Card Acceptance

Accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.

eCheck Acceptance

Accept ACH payments within the United States.

APM Acceptance

Accept preferred Alternative Payment Methods, Sofort, Giropay, and iDEAL.

eWallet Acceptance

Accept Mastercard’s MasterPass and ApplePay for the web.

Check Scanning

Scan checks online through our User Interface.

Pay with Cash

Accept cash securely through our partnership with MoneyGram.

Pay-in Mobile App

Enable renters to pay rent utilizing a mobile experience.

Pay with Text

Offer a convenient pay-by-text option.

Pay with Phone

Allow customers to pay through Integrated Voice Response or with a live representative.

Split Pay-ins

Authorize a single transaction to pay for multiple line items.

Auto Pay

Let Yapstone manage your regular monthly payments.

Recurring Payments

Facilitate scheduled payments managed by your company.

Authorized Currencies

Accept all of Visa’s supported currencies.

Consumer Currency Conversion

Enable customers to pay in their home currency.


Offer full or partial refunds, when applicable.

Zero Dollar Authorization

Confirm credit card accounts prior to authorizations.

Optimized Decline Codes

Translate the reason for a credit card decline into actionable codes.

Optimized Approval Rates

Manage the approval process to receive the highest level of approvals.

Dynamic Statement Descriptors

Enable the information that appears on a credit card statement to be reflective of your business.

Consumer-Paid Fee

Capture the fees related to the consumer transacting with your business, when allowed.

Automated Damage Deposit Refund

Automatically refund security deposits on successful transactions.

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Protect // Features
Arm your business with world-class security and create trust with your customers.
PAN Tokenization

Tokenize vital account details for optimal safety.

Hosted Fields for PCI

Capture all credit card information on your site using our technology.


Enable additional consumer validation through 3DS.

CVC / AVS Checks

Confirm credit cards through standard risk procedures available from credit card issuers.

Transactional Fraud Management

Utilize predictive risk technology to identify potential fraud.

Managed Risk Management

Let Yapstone’s risk team configure a risk program to minimize financial loss.

Velocity Management

Allow appropriate checks on the frequency of transactions processed from a given entity, as part of Yapstone’s risk program.

Active Fraud Management

Enable fraud analysts to review individual orders and transactions.

Shared Interdiction List

Utilize industry-specific information to minimize loss from actors with previous negative experience.

Transactional Device Fingerprinting

Receive device and geo-location information during the transaction to enable risk decisioning.

Chargeback Management

Reap the benefits of end-to-end chargeback assistance.

Chargeback Resolution

Settle legitimate chargebacks quickly and with fewer repercussions.

Chargeback Protection

Identify and prevent most chargebacks from occurring.

Partner Loss Protection

Mitigate your losses through Yapstone’s shared risk program.

Automated AML & KYC

AML, KYC and Sanctions screening for the regions in which you process transactions.

Automated Risk Decisioning

Evaluate and onboard your best customers instantly.

Digital Application for Sub-Merchants

Provide an online application for your customers to apply for payment services.

Quick-Start Processing

Establish your sub-merchants for processing, prior to receiving pay out details.

Digital Document Acceptance

Digitally capture additional documentation for exception cases during the application process.

Automated Decisioning (Digital Documents)

Evaluate vital documents for risk verification.

Device Fingerprinting (Application Process)

Use geo-location technology to verify origin during the application process.

Verification of Assets

Utilize 3rd party data to support verification of property.

Validation of Identity

Utilize 3rd party data to support verification of identity.

Validation of Bank Account

Utilize 3rd party data to support verification of bank accounts.

Collusion Fraud Prevention

Evaluate service providers and those transacting to validate that they are unique entities.

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Blend // Features
Configure your ideal solution and let your payments work for you.
Pre-integrations: Rent

Utilize deeply informed pre-integrations for the property rentals industry, including,MRI, Yardi, and many more.

Pre-integrations: Vacation Rent

Utilize deeply informed pre-integrations for the vacation rentals industry, including HomeAway Software for Professionals, KIGO, LiveRez, Barefoot, and Streamline.


Easily integrate payment technology into your site with comprehensive documentation of our APIs and other methods.

Live Try Me

Test your APIs immediately through a visual interface or a preset test kit.

Test Cases

Provide the standard set of test cases to exercise, once you have completed an integration.


Build and test your ideal payment functionality in a safe location.

Rest / JSON

Utilize the common framework for APIs.

Single Endpoint

Access all APIs from a common platform accessible at api.yapstone.com.


Download common language libraries that have been coded to interact with Yapstone’s APIs.

Hosted Fields

Utilize native Javascript or React to display the fields needed to capture payment details. These fields run on Yapstone technology and within our PCI compliant services.


Capture multiple fields of information within your user interface.

Customized Branding

Create an integrated customer experience by enabling your branding through our solution.

Batch Files

Allow a batch file process for clients that are more comfortable with this option than APIs.

React & Pure Java Script

Provide both the React framework and traditional Javascript for specific integration options like hosted fields, widgets and device fingerprinting.


Provide a call-back mechanism to indicated current status for transaction processing and onboarding.

Hosted Payment Page

Accept online payments through a dedicated page.

Virtual Terminal

Initiate charges and refunds through a user interface to supplement API or other integration types for vacation and rent.

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Focus // Features
Conduct all of your administrative tasks through one streamlined platform.

Reconcile the transactions submitted to funding received.


Create itemized reports for monthly and annual transactions.

Transaction Detail

Review all important details of each transaction.

Call Center Support

Access 24/7 customer call support.

Call Center Services

Handle questions about chargebacks, payment timing, exception cases and other issues.

Call Center Language Support

Service customers in English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, and Dutch.

Email-Based Customer Support

Access 24/7 customer call support.


Ensure compliance and receive guidance on all rules and regulations.

NOC Monitoring

Receive 24/7 system monitoring.

Credit Reporting

Provide positive credit history to clients making payments when they elect this optional service.

Flat Rate Pricing

Support a pricing model in which clients pay flat rate pricing.

Cost Plus Pricing

Support a pricing model in which clients pay the standard processing costs assigned by 3rd Parties, such as interchange, and cap their additional expense at a set fee.

Account Management Support

Provide clients with assistance from an account management organization.

MTL Licenses

Yapstone maintains the Money Transmitter Licenses necessary to conduct our business.


Yapstone technology systems are 100% cloud-based, enabling high availability.

Payment Facilitator

Yapstone operates as a Payment Facilitator, enabling us to manage risk and handle funding for our clients.

Global Redundancy

Yapstone systems are maintained in the cloud across multiple geographies enabling a localized, but redundant system.

Marketplace Exception Processing

Yapstone enables marketplaces to take advantage of the Marketplace exception from Visa which allows a marketplace to operate in one region and still serve clients domiciled in other regions.

Interchange Optimization

Yapstone evaluates the qualification criteria, data provided and other factors to optimize the interchange included in the Cost Plus pricing.

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