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Yapstone for Marketplaces

Yapstone for Marketplaces is an all-in-one offering designed to accelerate growth. A single API integration gets you Pay In, Pay Out, Onboarding, Risk and Reporting.

Build great experiences for buyers and sellers

Create the best experiences for all the customers in your marketplace, from standard and alternative payment methods for buyers, to seller onboarding to frequency and structure of payments, all within your existing user experience.

Save both time and money

Minimize risks and prevent losses with fraud detection and chargeback protections. Automate complex back office processes, and leave your entire compliance operations to us.

Unlock new revenue opportunities

Monetize check out by adding third party products and services. Take advantage of recurring revenue sharing opportunities with products like Yapstone’s Advanced Payments.

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Leverage the entire platform or customize Yapstone’s microservices within a single product...it’s entirely up to you. A single integration covers all your payment flows no matter how simple or complex.

Tell us about your business

We’d love to hear about the current state of your business, and where you’re headed.

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Yapstone is a PCI-DSS Compliant Payment Facilitator, operating with Money Transmitter Licenses in all required states and territories.


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