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Yapstone knows travel

Yapstone has processed billions of dollars of payments for property managers, ISVs, OTAs, and travel marketplaces around the world for the last twenty years. APIs customized for the travel industry give us rich data to build products like advanced payments. Deep relationships with industry participants enable us to easily onboard and verify. Proprietary risk models lower the cost of fraud. This translates into superior experiences for your customers and suppliers, and better opportunities to grow your business.

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Convert more travelers

More travelers get approved on the Yapstone platform thanks to a risk engine tuned by the industry. They find all the payment types and alternative payment methods they expect in over 140 currencies around the world. And Yapstone can also enable travelers to pay with points from your loyalty program.

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Do more for sellers

Data gathered from years of experience in travel and from partnerships with thousands of properties means we know this space better. Sellers can be quickly verified and validated during onboarding, and get up and running quickly. Knowledge translates into the ability to build product experiences like Advanced Payments -- allowing sellers to receive funds right at the time of booking and helping smooth out cash flow.

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Prevent fraud

Knowledge is power particularly in payments risk. From years of experience processing transactions and collecting data unique to the travel industry, Yapstone’s risk engine is tuned to detect and prevent fraud. Travel customers benefit from low fraud rates and a robust chargeback protection program. Experienced on-site analysts are trained to resolve disputes as they occur.

Save both time and money

Travel companies can trust Yapstone to handle their back office processes and support complex operations. With money transmitting licenses in all required states and territories, and full compliance in geographies where we operate, Yapstone can take the burden off global and local expansion and run compliance for you.

Unlock recurring revenue opportunities

Yapstone offers travel customers the opportunity to share transaction revenue. Take advantage of travel-related products like Advanced Payments that offer the potential for new, recurring sources of revenue to grow your business.

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Travel payments, part 1: Beyond credit cards and cash

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Yapstone is a PCI-DSS Compliant Payment Facilitator, operating with Money Transmitter Licenses in all required states and territories.


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